Save up to 28 percent off these planet-themed, color-changing lamps

Whether you've been looking for a way to make your room more comfortable, or if you just love the ambiance of a decorative lamp, these planet-themed lamps are perfect for you. 

These lamps come in sets of all eight planets, but you can also buy them individually. Many of them can be adjusted to countless different colors and dimmed to achieve the perfect mood lighting. Plus, when you spend $50 or more, you'll get $10 in store credit added to your account within 14 days of purchase. You could even use the $10 of credit to stock up on another lamp!

The Original 16 Color Moon Lamp – $48 (originally $55)

This moon lamp is 3D printed using satellite images from NASA. It offers 16 different colors and two color tones. It's also dimmable and wireless, so you can pick it up and use it as a nightlight. 

The Original Earth Lamp – $44 (originally $50)

This lamp doubles as a piece of art. In addition to a 3D printed globe, it comes with a stunning geometrical wooden base that makes stand out. 

LampDepot LED Levitating Lamp (Earth) – $106.99 (originally $149)

Thanks to the magic of magnets, this lamp actually levitates and spins! It has three different lighting modes (White, Warm White, Warm Yellow), and it turns on as soon as you touch it.

The Original 8-Planet Color Lamps Set – $149.99 (originally $160)

This lamp set includes 3D printed lamps of all eight planets. The planets are created using satellite images from NASA for stunning accuracy, and they come complete with stunning wooden stands. 

The Original 16-Color Mars Lamp – $49.99 (originally $55)

This lamp looks like mars and has 16 different color options. It can be turned on using a remote or touch, so it's always convenient. You can also get a basic Original Mars Lamp ($45.99, originally $50) that glows in hues of white and yellow.

The Original 16-Color Mercury Lamp – $49.99 (originally $55)

This lamp is modeled after Mercury, whose unique landscape makes the lamp appear as if its sparkling when illuminated. You can choose between the 16-color lamp or the two-tone Original Mercury Lamp for a little less ($45.99, originally $50).

The Original 16-Color Neptune Lamp – $49.99 (originally $55)

This 3D-printed version of Neptune looks smokey and mysterious. You can choose to display it in one of 16 colors or use the dimmer switch to adjust the brightness. Alternatively, the yellow and white version is $4 cheaper ($45.99, originally $50).

The Original 16-Color Saturn Lamp – $49.99 (originally $55)

The cool thing about the Saturn lamp is that it comes with a ring around it! This changes up its look depending on how it's positioned on the base. Choose between the 16-color version or the two-tone model ($45.99, originally $50).

The Original 16-Color Venus Lamp – $49.99 (originally $55)

The Venus lamp creates a celestial, calming environment thanks to the stunning clouds on the planet. This version allows you to adjust the lamp to 16 different colors, while the traditional white and yellow Original Venus Lamp is a bit cheaper ($45.99, originally $50). 

The Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp – $68.99 (originally $75)

Need some mood music with your celestial bodies? This Moon lamp connects via Bluetooth, allowing you to play your favorite tunes from the speaker hidden underneath the orb. It can also be adjusted to three different color tones. 

Prices subject to change.