Some Welsh people want a dragon penis on their flag

From the public petition committee of Senedd Cymru, the Welsh parliament:

Within symbology, an erect penis depicts fertility and strength, when applied to a royal insignia, it's even more important because in order to show a leader's capability in sustaining a kingdom, this has to be conveyed via simple imagery, thus… when the dragon is erect, it portrays dominance and leadership, but when the penis is missing, this portrays the creature (the nation) as dominated, weak and fragile.More details

When the Royal Mint depict our dragon, they recognise that he has a penis, but for some reason, our government does not, and although some may find the topic amusing, this imagery is important if we are to carry on flying it for centuries to come.

Y Ddraig Goch, or the red dragon, is the official heraldic symbol of Wales, whose visage has served as a formal symbol of the nation since around 1800. In 2016, the Royal Mint added the dragon's dong to the £20 coin — which is why Rhŷn Williams, creator of the aforementioned petition, believes it should be added to the flag as well. One might say that penile precedent has already been laid bare. According to that British bastion of rigorous journalism known as the Daily Mail, Williams also added the following commentary in a Facebook comment:

Who the hell knows why the poor sod was turned into an eunuch, it could be down to obscenity, it could be down to forgetting to include it, or it could be down to politics, where those responsible for producing the flags removed it to symbolise Wales' role within the British kingdom.

This confusion has bewildered many artists, poets, songwriters and authors alike for centuries by mistaking his sex.

But what we do know is that the penis is still being added via royal imagery so this should convince the Welsh government to add a penis to our flag.

I'll admit, I'm not very well versed in Welsh nationalism, nor the mythology of Y Ddraig Goch. So I can't speak to the symbolic political or cultural weight of that mythical creature's penis. But I say, give the dragon the dick it deserves.

As of this writing, there are currently about 700 pro-penis signatories, which is enough to ensure that Y Ddraig Goch's dong will at the very least be discussed by the Petitions Committee. It would take 10,000 signatures to force a formal debate in the Senedd.

Demand that all depictions of our dragon have a penis [Rhŷn Williams / Senedd Cymru]