$400bn utopian city to be imagined being built somewhere in America

Welcome to Telosa, a $400bn utopian city that might be built in Arizona, or Colorado, or maybe somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. Who cares, so long as someone's paying? [↬ Papasan]

Telosa's public realm is vibrant and active with open space woven throughout the dense city fabric. lush in native planting, the city parks host carefully managed reservoirs that store water for the city and provide all residents with open space within minutes of where they live. the first telosa residents will start moving in by 2030.

This is similar in concept to various planned cities built in the middle of nowhere in China or the Middle East, often to be seen eerily uninhabited in middlebrow magazine thinkpieces and on twitter accounts about liminal spaces. Even when they are new designated capitals and stocked with government agencies and such, it's hard to bring in punters.

The idea of this appearing in the Appalachian hinterlands is amazing, though. At last, somewhere to get a tofu salad on a drive from Pittsburgh to Charlotte!