Anti-mask students in Michigan are urged by parents to push into school

About 2 dozen students pushed into their school in Manchester, Michigan egged on by their anti-masking parents, past Manchester Superintendent Brad Bezeau Tuesday in defiance of the county's mask mandate. Clearly these parents don't give two rips about the safety of anyone else in the building who might be high risk or just would rather avoid getting sick. Their kids are more important and a mask is an affront to their civil liberties apparently. Well, those students were cordoned off in a separate area from the rest of the school to do independent work for the day. I'm sure that tapped into their full potential, versus wearing a mask and being part of an actual classroom. Nice win.

via MLive:

"It did get vocal and students did begin pressing against the door for entry without masks, obviously not being compliant," Bezeau said. "I wouldn't want to block students or anything like that, so that's certainly how they got past us, but we were doing our due diligence and making sure that they understood that entering the building without a mask isn't in compliance."

The district coordinated with the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office to ensure compliance of the order, Bezeau said.

Video of the incident that was shared on social media shows a sheriff's deputy explaining to parents that the mask order was issued by the health department and was a policy of the school district. The officer noted, however, that he was "not putting masks on anybody."

Listen to the one guy instructing the kids to be "kind and respectful" just after urging them to be anything but by pushing their way in. Kind and respectful might take into account not breathing potentially harmful germs in others faces when it is easily avoidable.