These Marvel Avengers bottle openers will have you opening your drinks like a real hero

Superheroes and supervillains have securely entered the zeitgeist as solid staples of modern pop culture and, perhaps, no group of comic book icons is bigger than those in the Marvel universe. Marvel has carved an impressive niche into the fabric of our society, and with that comes a unique selection of collectibles.

From action figures and trading cards to toothbrushes, you can get a Marvel brand anything these days to show that you are a true fanatic of the universe. These Marvel Avengers Bottle Openers are now a part of that collection and are a must-have for casual and loyal fans alike. 

Drinking like a Marvel superhero or supervillain requires the right tools. If you want to drink like Thor, you might as well wield your own version of Mjolnir. Now, it's not necessarily forged in the heart of a dying star, but it is a fit companion to help you open a beer. Easy to carry around and easy to use, this miniature hammer from Asgard will assist you in a choice of either silver or bronze.

Now, maybe your allegiance lies with Thanos. If that's the case, then the Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener may be the one for you. Built as a replica of Thanos' weapon of choice, you'll have all six Infinity Stones at your disposal to help you crack a cold one wherever you go.

Between these two options, you'll be able to pledge your allegiance to either the Avengers or the Mad Titan and have either team at your disposal for opening bottles at home, BBQ parties, camping trips, hotel bars, and more.

Right now, you can grab our very own collectible Avengers Bottle Opener for 26% off the original price of $14. That means for only $10.95 each, you'll be popping caps off bottles like Thor lopping heads off bodies. Enjoying your drink of choice in style with this ultimate Marvel fan collectors' item.