Learn how to be the owner your dog deserves with this training-and-grooming bundle

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences. However, if you're someone who has owned one, you've undoubtedly figured out just how challenging taking care of your four-legged friend can be – despite the happiness it can share.

A wealth of information on how to best raise and train your dog is out there, but finding out exactly which method works best for you can be overwhelming. That's where the Ultimate Dog Training Course Bundle can help, and it even comes with a full grooming kit to give your floof a handsome makeover.

Five courses spanning 116 lessons are included in the bundle along with two nail grooming kits, fur removers, and detangling brushes. Individually, each dog-training course costs $145 while the grooming bundles are $44 apiece, but you can grab 'em all for $125.02.

The three included grooming tools are made by BOSHEL, and they're suitable for use on small and large dogs. Meanwhile, the courses include Dog Training Course: BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet, Become a Dog Trainer, How to Stop Dog Attacks, and more. Each course is taught by Sharon Bolt, who currently has a 4-star instructor rating. Bolt is a celebrity trainer who's was featured in the BBC documentary, Britain's Most Embarrassing Pets — she's even authored three books on dog-training techniques.

The difference between a well-trained dog and one that's not too keen on listening is night and day. When done correctly, training your favorite furry animal will provide countless memories (most of which will be positive, of course!) for many dog years to come.

This multi-faceted bundle packs a wealth of information into five easy-to-digest courses, and it can even cut your costs to the groomer. Grab the Ultimate Dog Training Course Bundle With Full Grooming Kit for just $125.02, or 85% off.