Feast your eyes on 14 drones that will change your aerial video game

Whether you want to capture a bird's eye view of the coast on your seaside vacation or love to see what's going on at the neighbor's barbeque next door, a quality drone can really come in handy. But no matter what your drone needs are, making sure your money goes to a quality model is key, and there are plenty out there that aren't worth your attention. 

Just for you, here are 14 top-notch drones with features built to impress and price tags to match. 

Battle Drone Quadcopter – $29.99; originally $89

From its precise maneuverability to its three dynamic speed modes, this drone is a pleasure to work with. It also features a 6-axis gyroscope that makes it way easier to control, whether it turns, flips, or rolls a complete 360 degrees. It even has a Battle Drone minigame that you can use to compete with your buddies! 

Mini Helicopter UFO RC Drone – $21.95; originally $50

If your kids are interested in getting their hands on a drone, spare your grown-up model and let them play around with this one! Designed for those just learning to fly these things, this mini-helicopter drone boasts sensors that make it easier to steer, a protective coating, and even a collision locking system.

Black GPS 4K Drone 106 Pro with Gimbal & Electronic Image Stabilization – $68.95; originally $255

Capture high-quality photos and videos thanks to this drone's 4K camera. It also features an altitude hold mode function that always ensures a stable flight, along with gesture control that lets you control everything from the accompanying app on your phone. And no matter how far you fly this thing around, it'll always come back home with help from its one-key automatic return. 

4k Dual Camera Pro GPS Drone – $69.95; originally $272

Capture stunningly beautiful aerial shots at a remote distance of up to 1,200 meters. This drone's HD camera boasts an amazing video-following feature and takes incredibly stable shots thanks to its 3-axis gimbal. And with its stellar GGPS system, you'll never lose track of where it flies, no matter where you send it. 

Black YLR/C S32T HD 4K Single Camera Drone – $99.95; originally $410

Great for first-time drone users, this single-camera drone has all the essentials: a 4K camera, a remote control for easy navigation, gesture control that makes recording video easy, and more. It can even fly up to 25 minutes at a time on a single charge.

Bronze Senior GPS 4K Dual Camera Drone 106 with Gimbal and EIS (Black) – $79.95; originally $320

Thanks to this drone's 5K dual cameras, you can capture high-quality photos and videos from high altitudes, never worrying about unstable capturing. From its one-key automatic return that lets you get it back with the tap of a finger to its gesture control and optical flow, this drone has all the bells and whistles you hope for. 

Dark Gray Eachine E58 4K HD Camera Flying Drone – $62.95; originally $225

View footage in real-time on your phone without ever missing a single detail thanks to this drone's accompanying Wi-Fi app. From its stable high altitude shots to its high-resolution video capture, you can capture everything with ease, all while controlling everything via its handy remote control.

E99 Pro 4K Dual Camera Precision HD Foldable Drone – $74.95; originally $285

This drone may be mini-sized, but it packs a powerful punch, including clear video and photo capture on its 5K camera, anti-interference technology, and a long-lasting battery. And using the accompanying app, you can follow flight plans with incredible ease, returning it back home just as easily. 

E99 Pro 4K Precision HD Foldable Drone – $69.95; originally $263

Capture high-quality images and videos at high altitudes as it hovers in the air with incredible stability. You can also activate and control flight plans with the tap of a finger on your phone. And thanks to its 3.7V 800mAh intelligent battery, you get 20 minutes of flight time per charge.

Gold & Black 4K Long-Range HD Dual Camera Drone with Wi-Fi & GPS – $298.95; originally $1,550

When it comes to capturing clear, steady video, this drone is just the gadget for the job, equipped with dual HD cameras, an altitude hold mode, and a headless mode that lets you manipulate positioning before the drone even gets air. It even has Wi-Fi and GPS that allow you to connect to apps and transfer footage with ease.

Newest Gray E68 Drone 2 with 4K/1080P Wide-Angle Camera & WiFi – $79.95; originally $320

Thanks to its 4K/1080p wide-angle camera, this drone can capture some seriously stellar footage, and you never have to stress about keeping things stable due to its great altitude mode. In addition to this, the drone boasts a headless mode that lets you fix its positioning before you send it into the sky, and it'll always find its way back to you automatically once you do. 

KAI ONE Pro 8K HD Drone with Mechanical 3-Axis Gimbal, Dual Camera, 5G, WiFi & GPS – $299.95; originally $1,000

If you want a wide range of high-quality video and picture capture, this drone's 8K ultra HD camera definitely delivers. It also boasts four channels that let you move in all different directions, a 3-axis gyroscope and a one-click return feature. And its Wi-Fi connection makes transferring footage in real-time simpler than ever.

KAI ONE Pro Drone 1080p 4k HD Drone – $59.95; originally $212

With the drone's updated 1080p 4k HD camera, you can capture crystal clear images for some serious breathtaking shots. Combine that with its G-sensor that detects sudden acceleration and deceleration; and thanks to its easy app control, there's no limit to what you can do with this advanced gadget. It even features intuitive controls with a responsive remote. 

XUEREN KY601S Drone with 4K HD Camera with 5G, WiFi, & Remote Control – $79.95; originally $300

This high-tech gadget takes drone activity to new heights, with a 4K camera, incredible altitude stability, four channels for optimal direction control, and so much more. And thanks to its 5G/Wi-Fi function, you can connect footage to various apps and transfer them in real-time. And its included remote control makes manipulating everything easy. 

Prices subject to change.