Get the most peaceful sleep you've ever had with over $50 off this snoring stopper

Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. Whether we're taking a midday nap or tucking in for the night, it's quite literally how we recharge and "clean" our minds from the stresses of the day. However, sometimes we don't get the proper rest we need due to improper breathing that leads to snoring. This VitalSleep 5-Piece Snoring Bundle will guarantee a quieter, more restful sleep with no snoring.

When we sleep, the muscles in our neck and throat relax, allowing the tongue to fall back. This results in a narrowed upper airway that restricts your breathing and causes snoring. VitalSleep opens your airways to improve breathing and promote smoother airflow. Its patented Accu-Adjust system is adjustable and custom-molded for a personalized fit. It's also made of medical-grade, FDA-cleared, hypoallergenic materials that have undergone strict biocompatibility and toxicology testing, and production guidelines to ensure your safety.

Here's how the system works: First you mold it to your teeth with the Accu-Adjust system's custom molding tray. Then, you'll adjust the lower tray that will move the jaw forward to open the throat's airways while you sleep. Lastly, just enjoy a snore-less sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. VitalSleep comes with a 100% fit guarantee.

It's time to stop suffering through snore-filled nights and get the fix you've been looking for. VitalSleep not only makes nights healthier and more peaceful for you, but for your significant others as well. Along with the anti-snoring mouthpiece, this bundle comes with a mouthpiece cleaner, a contoured sleep mask, earplugs, and a canvas pouch to store everything away during the day.

Improve your sleep tonight and grab the VitalSleep 5-Piece Snoring Bundle for 39% off, or only $77.99.