Brace yourself for these "sexy Bernie" Halloween costumes

There are so, so many odd "sexy" Halloween costumes for sale on the internet— sexy American flag, booty short Bob Ross, tater tot minidress, sexy Russian vodka, and even sexy fake news. It may come as no surprise that online retailers have sexualized some of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders' signature looks.

The "Once Again Asking Costume Set" sells for $85 from, and it appears to include a gray coat-dress and cozy mittens. Also, Amazon sells wigs and mittens inspired by Sanders.

Political Halloween costumes are nothing new, and this is not the first sexy Bernie costume, but political costumes are emblematic of a culture that "stans" politicians in a way that may turn their politics like entertainment.

Still, a Bernie Sanders costume might be easy to create from what's already in your closet: he famously dresses for function, not fashion.