Transform your room into a miniature planetarium with this $150 solar system lamp set

For as long as humans have existed, the cosmos has fascinated us. The endless sea of stars has birthed countless stories that have inspired and enthralled us for ages. After all, how could something so vast and unknown not spark some creativity? Now, it's the inspiration behind what will soon be your new home makeover.

The Original 8-Planet Color Lamp Set is designed for those who are not only captivated by space and its stories but who also want to be a part of it. It features 3D printed models of all eight planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (sorry, Pluto.) 

This set of decorative planets was impeccably designed by experts using the latest high-quality NASA satellite images. The attention to detail will be noticeable and is sure to make them a conversation starter. These room lights are untethered, as all eight are completely wireless and rechargeable with the included USB cable, allowing you to place them free of ugly cords.

Speaking of which, two hours of charge time will yield up to eight hours of light-time depending on their brightness setting. They're also designed not to heat up and are 100% child safe. Each planet comes with three color tones to set your desired mood with warm white, white, or a natural yellow color. All three tones are soft and won't pitch a harsh glow. They're also all dimmable, so you can use them to really brighten up a room or to emulate a calming night light.

These amazing lamps are a must-have lifestyle product for lovers of outer space and the design-conscious alike, and they look amazing lit up or not. Right now, you can transform your rooms into miniature planetariums with the Original 8-Planet Color Lamps Set for only $149.99.