Make this tortilla press the star of your next Taco Tuesday

Okay, so you're not the best cook, but we all have our flaws. And at least your creations are edible, right? Sure, that recipe for peanut butter and jelly chicken wasn't the best option to feed a dinner party, but it surely could have been worse than just a mild case of the runs after.

That said, we probably should instead just try a whole new approach to cooking. How about a fun Mexican-themed night? Try this XL Aluminum Tortilla Press and start the healing process between you and all of your buds who got food poisoning the last time they were fed by you.

Featuring a Verve Culture flare and colored with FDA-friendly, lead-free paint that prevents rust, here's the rundown on the XL Aluminum Tortilla Press. Long gone are the days of buying store bough tortillas or using smushed bread as an alternative (admit it, you've been that desperate before), because now tortillas are fresh and ready for your next big meal straight from home.

Because this is an extra-large tortilla maker, you can use it for everything from taco night to burrito bowls and everything in between. Kids only eat cheese quesadillas? No sweat, these are the perfect tortillas for that as well. Need some inspo? This maker also comes with a list of recipes for tortillas and the ways you can use them, in case you want to break out of the mold and do something crazy for dinner (or have just run out of ideas, we get it).

The XL Aluminum Tortilla Press is made in Mexico from recycled aluminum, so you're not only getting it straight from the experts, but you're also saving the planet while chowing down. Think of it as a delicious authentic reward for doing this planet well. Look at you, saving trees and enjoying fresh tortillas daily. good work!

Get the XL Aluminum Tortilla Press, which includes a swing tag with history, recipes, and instructions for $54, or 10% off.