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We know your job may be pretty rough and has very little room for any artistic license, and that's something you miss about having free time. College was a great place to get in some creative writing classes and put the strange world into words, but those days are long gone and the novel you dreamed of penning is still sitting rent-free in your head. Put virtual pen to virtual paper and get back into the writing game when you freshen up those skills with a lifetime subscription to a Daily Prompt Premium Plan.

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If you're feeling a bit shy and not ready to bring your art to your circle of friends, you can post it and receive feedback from the community and other writers, so you can perfect your craft in no time. Beyond just chatting with other novices, you'll also get professional tips from authors who have been around the (writer's) block for a time or two.

While you may think this is just a fun way to explore your writing chops, you can also make a few bucks on the side. If you're ready to submit it, your writing can be entered into various writing competitions offered through the app where you can win some serious prize money. And, because this is a lifetime subscription, you can continue submitting until you score a bounty (or just lots of admiration from strangers across the globe, the next best prize).

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