This cordless stick vacuum could be your hardwood or carpet's saving grace

Messes happen and they happen often both in life and in the home. And, while we can't help you with your personal problems, those floors look like they could use some TLC, and we can offer just the thing. Grab the Orfeld H01 Cordless Stick Vacuum and make your home look brand new.

Designed with two gear modes to meet different cleaning needs, as well as an upright design, swivel steering, and low profile head, you can use the baby in almost any instance for any mess on any floor. It runs for up to 30 minutes a charge, so even if you do try to throw a huge house party, no one will know the wiser once you get a hold of this sucker. The included H11-level 0.3-micron HEPA filter (you know, the same filter they're using on airplanes to help fight COVID-19? Yeah, those filters) helps get rid of dust, hair, and other common household dirt in a jiffy.

Need to clean while everyone's taking a midday snooze? No sweat, this baby is ultra-quiet, super lightweight, and only runs at about 63db, ensuring everyone either stays asleep, unperturbed, or just plain zen. Once you're done with all of that noise-free fun, just release the trapped dirt from the dustbin with one finger operated button, no mess necessary right before kicking your feet up and announcing a job well cleaned to the whole family who couldn't even be bothered to fluff a pillow while you took your new baby for a spin. Afterward, just throw your new BFF on the wall-mount charger to save space and revel in your clean floors.

Get the Orfeld H01 Cordless Stick Vacuum, which includes two spare washable HEPA filters, a 2-in-1 LED motorized brush, crevice nozzle, combination nozzle, 2000mAh battery, wall mount charging station, 100-240V AC power adapter, and user manual for $129.99.