Enjoy your music and environmental awareness with over 25% off these headphones

Wouldn't it be nice to listen to your own music, while also still being aware of your surroundings? In-ear or over-ear headphones and earbuds can completely disconnect you from the outside world, making it unsafe while driving or even just walking or running. Luckily, these open-air Bluetooth Mu6 Ring headphones solve this issue, while providing stellar sound quality and maximum comfort.

Whether you're an avid gym rat, daily commuter, or anything in between, the Mu6 Ring headphones will be your newest obsession for all your listening needs. These headphones are completely wire-free, giving you unlimited mobility, while the U-shaped design fits snugly around the back of your head.

The headphones themselves wrap right around your ears and are totally open-air, meaning they don't pump music directly into your ear. Rather the dynamic 16mm drivers of the Mu6 provide mid-to-high sound processing right around your ears, so you get crystal clear treble and bass sounds, while still being tuned in to the world around you. With Mu6's Leaks Layer Technology, the Ring prevents natural sound leakage so you won't have to worry about bothering others around you either.

On a full charge, you'll be enjoying the sound and functionality of the Mu6 headphones for a full 10 hours. The headphones themselves even come with easy command-click options for play, pause, volume, skip tracks, voice assistant, and more. They're also IPX55 splash waterproof, so you need not worry about sweat damaging them. It's no wonder they earned an impressive 4.1 rating out of 5 on Amazon from 3,000 reviews.

So, it's time to stay connected, while connecting to your music. For your daily activities, ditch the in-ear and over-ear options — stay safe and aware with the Mu6 Ring: Open-Air Bluetooth Headphones, which you can grab right now for only $54.99.