Southern California's Santa Ana winds threaten even more fire

As if folks in California haven't already seen a dramatic, terrifying, and overly long fire season, SoCal braces for the Santa Ana winds!

Hot and dry winds blow in from the northeast, where deserts and mountains give them the exciting characteristics that only serve to stoke the already blazing wildfires, blowing them towards the sea.

LA Times:

From Nevada, the air will be forced over mountains before plunging into the Los Angeles Basin.

"As it does so, it warms up and it dries out," said David Sweet, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's Oxnard station.

Humidity is expected to drop by 25% to 50% this week.

"The low humidities that will accompany the winds and the warm temperatures will give us at least elevated fire weather conditions," Sweet said, with potential to briefly reach "critical."

Sweet expects the highest fire risk will come Thursday, when winds pick up.

Earthquake, Fire, Flood, and Awards seasons rule the bear republic.