Anti-masker desperate for attention gets none

In this video, an anti-mask personality records himself wandering around ranting at people wearing covid masks, yelling insults at them and also at nothing in particular. He is fastidiously ignored by everyone, however, despite his efforts, creating an impression of a world now as accustomed to people like him as it is to the ongoing viral pandemic. He is given such disinterest that one may suspect the video was in fact recorded in total silence and the vocal track overlaid in post-production. There aren't even any remixes that I can find, despite the tantalizingly rythmic shrieking of the slur "libtard!" and the drumbreak-inviting sarcastic hissing of "ooooh, Covid!" every time he sees a mask sign on a shop door. It's as if he wasn't there at all. [via r/PublicFreakout]