How AI got my resume actually seen by human eyes

Every one of us who has taken to the internet to find a job has felt the same dread and uncertainty. While the information super-highway connects us with more opportunities than job seekers of past generations, it also pits each one of us up against more competition than ever before. Considering the recent expiration of federal unemployment benefits, that pool is only going to get more crowded. 

I've personally sent out thousands of applications with the click of a button and a vague certainty that nobody would ever see my submission. After a recent lull in terms of finding work, I became especially fed up with the cycle I was stuck in. So, like many often do, I decided to fix up my resume. A friend turned me onto Rezi, which is an AI-powered resume-building software. I thought, if I can't find a way for my resume to stand out, maybe this program can. 

Targeting Your Resume For Better Results 

When you start creating a resume on Rezi, you begin with some basic information — your name, field or domain, and experience level. There's a link to import your LinkedIn information, and then there's a drop-down menu option to "target your resume." This feature made Rezi stand out to me immediately, demonstrating that this program considers the nuances of the job-seeking process with intimacy and care. 

According to Rezi, "A targeted resume is tailored to a specific job opening. You have a significantly higher chance of getting an interview when you make it clear that you have the experience required for the job." Considering the quick-click applications all over sites like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter, this feature is a clear example of how Rezi works to help applicants stand out. I immediately created a resume for a job that I was applying for. This was an opportunity to write copy for an educational resources company. 

Catalog Your Experience With Ease

After entering some information about the company I was applying to work for into Rezi's targeted resume template, the program then walked me through the build-out of the rest of my document. I filled out sections on my work experience, education, skills, projects, etc. While these are standard resume categories, I have to say the simplicity of being walked through it all with large, clear text boxes to enter my information was an absolute luxury. Anyone who has ever formatted their own resume and rewrote the same sentence over and over trying to get the perfect line break knows exactly what I'm talking about. 

Touching Up Your Resume

Once I finished entering all of my information into the Rezi template, I reached the Finish Up section, which was another clean, easy-to-use page where I could adjust the font size, line height, and format of the resume. 

Having all of my information already collected, organized, and saved in my Rezi account gave me this great freedom; I could explore options and decide how I wanted my resume to look, without having to worry about accidentally deleting something or having to cut vital information. At the beginning, I admit, I was short on inspiration. That was easy to fix, however, with a visit to Rezi's sample library, which is stocked with reference resumes for a wide variety of industries and positions. 

Adding In Those Special Touches

This Finish Up section of the Rezi resume-building experience also features a Rezi Expert Review — they correct all formatting, content, and grammar errors directly in your file. Now, applying for a writing job, I should have been able to do this myself. However, I must admit, the software did catch a few mistakes that got past me! 

There's also an AI Keyword Targeting feature included in the Finish Up section that will provide recommendations on how to update the descriptions in your resume to perform better in search and the dreaded Applicant Tracking Systems that toss your application based on brutal algorithms that often look for exact-match keywords. When so much of our visibility as job seekers depends on searchability and some code, it was a huge relief to have my resume optimized by a program that is built to succeed under these conditions.

AI Cover Letter

I was happy with Rezi as a resume-building software featuring all of these helpful, modern tools. And then, after building my first resume, I discovered its AI Cover Letter Writer. Pulling the information I entered for the position with the educational resources company, as well as some highlights from my relevant experience, this beta feature drafted a quality and insightful cover letter for me. 

Even as a writer, I still find the task of creating customized versions of the same cover letter over and over to be exhausting. So, I must admit, I find this particular feature to be an absolute lifesaver. 

Getting An Offer: We Could All Use A Hand

These past couple of years have been filled with upheaval and change for a lot of us. And even before that, the transition of the workforce and job-seeking experience from in-person to online has created a lot of chaos and confusion. No longer are resumes accessories, they're profiles that are judged on more levels than ever before. 

To find a job in the digital age, I've found that I need the best, most modern tools. My Rezi resume helped me get a job offer from that educational resources company. I wouldn't have ever thought about optimizing my resume for SEO. And if I designed my own resume, that would've taken up more attention than the descriptions I thought out for my Rezi resume. Plus, it would not have looked nearly as professional. This is surely how I got my application in front of actual human eyes.

Subscribing to Rezi

If you, like me and millions of other Americans, are newly in need of some work and a way to stand out from the competition, then I recommend trying out Rezi. In a world where 75% of resumes go unseen by employers and hiring managers, this software has helped over 100,000 job seekers secure interviews from big-name employers including Airbnb, Spotify, Google, and Microsoft. 

A subscription to Rezi features 100,000 free AI credits that will get you full, automatic generation of 9 resumes. You'll also be able to create unlimited resumes on your own, write unlimited cover letters, and get one free review by a real person every month. 

Get a Rezi Resume Software: Pro Lifetime Subscription on sale for only $29 (reg. $540) and make a small investment sure to have huge career ROI.