Experience the thrill of pantry moth eradication!

We have pantry moths infesting our kitchen cupboards, and they have no qualms about gorging on the food I paid for with my earnings as a professional blogger. I wish I could co-exist in harmony with these energetic creatures, which, like their larger brethren, live only to feast and fornicate. While I applaud their ardent urge to procreate, I am covetous of my food and am determined to protect it by any means necessary.

The best defense against these dusty gray merry makers is a pantry moth trap. It looks like a little scout tent but the inner walls are coated with a sticky substance and a pheromone to trick the amorous creature into thinking a receptive mate is waiting for them inside. Once a moth enters and touches the adhesive surface, it becomes trapped, giving it time to contemplate its fatal foolish decision to enter such an obvious death trap.

Once every nine months we replace the trap, which by then is covered with the dried husks of dozens of the pitiful creatures.

Experience the thrill of pantry moth eradication yourself by purchasing your very own set of traps!