8 discounted drone kits that simply ooze innovation

Whether it's promotional videos for your business or memorable trips to far-off lands, shots taken from a birds-eye view can really ramp up your photography and video game. And thanks to the wide range of drones you can find out there today, creators of all experience levels can experiment with this art. 

And luckily for you, these eight innovative drones are on sale. Check out all their awesome features! 

EXO Blackhawk Drone: Explorer Bundle – $859.99; originally $1,078

From its f/2.0 professional lens and full 4K resolution to its 3-axis gimbal that can stay steady at every twist and turn, this drone is one of the most powerful photography tools around. It also gives you complete creative control right from the start thanks to its slow-motion capabilities, hyper-lapse capture, and internal GPS that lets you pin locations for the drone to fly to. It even boasts 8km image transmission, which is a faster file-transfer time than any other drone. 

EXO Blackhawk Drone: Standard Bundle – $759.99; originally $896

This drone has all the features you'd want in an advanced gadget of its kind, including 4K video, an enhanced 3-axis gimbal, and hands-free image mapping. You can also create dynamic shots thanks to the drone's hyper-lapse feature that speeds things up, or slow things down by up to 40% for that heart-thumping slow-motion capture. And unlike other drones out there, this guy boasts more than 85 hours of airtime with all its batteries.

EXO Cinemaster 4K Dynamic Drone – $347.99; originally $409

Deemed the most stellar-grade camera drone at this price on the market, the Cinemaster boasts an array of top-notch features, including a safety auto-return thanks to its built-in GPS, a dual camera that offers dynamic range, and an HD instant live feed that lets you see exactly what your drone sees in real-time. Plus, it flies like an absolute dream, with its brushless motors, 24MPH sport mode speed, and replaceable propellers. 

EXO Cinemaster 4K Dynamic Drone – Standard Package – $437.99; originally $548

From its real-time fly dynamics that you can easily view on your phone to its fitted external LEDs that let you fly it at night, the Cinemaster drone offers you a photography experience like no other. It also gives you ample flying time thanks to its interchangeable batteries that provide 25 minutes of flight each. No matter where you fly this thing, you can always expect a smooth ride with crystal clear, crisp 4k video.

EXO X7 Ranger 4K Dynamic Camera Drone – $277.99; originally $327

Touting 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this crowd favorite features a dynamic dual camera, incredible camera control with a 120° camera tilt, and a 720p live feed so you be completely in tune with what's getting captured. The drone is great for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the creation process, offering you quick start tutorials, dedicated live-chat pilot support, and built-in features that make filming an absolute dream.

EXO X7 Ranger 4K Dynamic Camera Drone – Beginner Package – $412.99; originally $486

Perfect for those looking to get into drones but don't know where to start, this beginner package has everything you need to become a pro. With stellar image quality on dual cameras and a 3 axis gimbal, this drone makes any shot clear and smooth as ever, no matter how much turbulence it meets along the way. And thanks to its interchangeable batteries, you can get some great fly time in without having to worry about the drone dying on you.

EXO X7 Ranger 4K Dynamic Camera Drone – Explorer Package – $423.99; originally $530

From its easy-to-use accompanying app to its stellar image quality, this drone always gets the job done. Partnered with Sony to get you a 2K video camera, complete with a 1/3 in-camera sensor and a 3 axis gimbal, shots are incredibly dynamic, vibrant, and smooth. It also boasts an internal GPS so it knows exactly where to take off.

EXO X7 Ranger 4K Dynamic Camera Drone – Standard Bundle – $361.99; originally $426

If you're new to the drone game and aren't quite ready for the big Hollywood guns yet, this drone has everything you need to get your footing. Not only does it feature great dual cameras that give you crystal-clear picture quality, but this gadget also lets you zoom in on what you're capturing up to 50 times digitally on its accompanying app. The high-rated EXO even has an added one-year crash insurance, perfect for those learning how to fly.