Friends of victim tracked down serial killer online

Serial killer Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, 25, murdered at least three women before being caught, luring them to their deaths on "dating apps". At his sentencing on Wednesday, it emerged that friends of one victim tracked him down online. A jury in 2019 found Wheeler-Weaver guilty on all counts and he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

The Essex County prosecutor's office had credited friends of Butler, a college student from Montclair, with using social media to help police find Wheeler-Weaver. They gained access to her social media accounts, set up a fake account, lured Wheeler-Weaver to a meeting in Montclair and notified police, according to prosecutors. A fourth woman who survived an attack and testified at Wheeler-Weaver's trial also provided crucial information that helped investigators, since the details of her attack were similar to those of the other victims.

25 years old. The women who tracked this guy down and removed him from circulation deserve medals.

It was surprisingly hard to figure out that the "dating apps" vaguely referred to in all of these stories seems to refer to [], a roach motel social media website mostly known in its early days for its obnoxious spam and for being marketed to children.