An accident between an Audi and a Lamborghini leads to viral videos, Tiktok sleuths, and a lawsuit

On Tiktok, a minor traffic accident has captivated the attention of millions, and viewers are picking sides in a complicated incident of road rage.

The story starts five days ago when Tiktok user Matthew Heller posted a video showing an Audi driver hit his Lamborghini. The driver, later identified as Maddy Gilsoul, proceeds to exit her car and scream at him. "You hit my car… you did that to the front of it!" she yells. Heller laughs and says he'll call the police.

The Tiktok shows a recording of the accident: Heller's Lamborghini is stopped and Gilsoul's Audi clearly bumps into it. The video went hugely viral, amassing 40 million views, 6 million likes, and a slew of supportive comments insinuating that Gilsoul was crazy.

But then, she posted her side of the story. User Gilsoul posted additional security camera footage of the incident which shows what happened before the previous video started. In these videos, Gilsoul's Audi is stopped for a biker— and Heller's Lamborghini sideswipes her car.

"My lawyers will be serving him with slander," she writes. Supportive commenters flocked, accusing Heller of gaslighting.

But the story doesn't end there. Heller posted yet another video showing him honk at Gilsoul. She doesn't move her car in response to his honks, and he sideswipes her.

Gilsoul did rear-end the Lambo, but she seems to believe it was justified. In a TikTok comment, she wrote, "I rammed into the back of him because if you don't care about sideswiping me, then I don't care about hitting your rental."


@HornBlasters #mattfromhornblaster #fyp #viral #girlhitslamborghi goodbye to your reputation Matt I will be suing for defamation and slander.❤️

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