I can't stop watching these turtles riding skateboards

I recently stumbled upon Turtle-Tok—that part of TikTok devoted to all things turtle and tortoise—and somehow found my way to the part of Turtle-Tok featuring small turtles and tortoises riding tiny skateboards, and boy is it entertaining. I just love watching them having so much fun. I've found a few of the best, which I'll post below. 

Some of the turtles are super cautious and ride their skateboards very slowly, and some are little speed demons who have thrown all caution to the wind. They all seem to be having a great time, though! As someone commented on one of the videos, "That turtle—he's gonna be Tony Hawk one day!" All of the turtles on skateboards really do seem to be having a blast!

Enjoy the videos! If I had a turtle or tortoise I'd definitely get it a skateboard!


My turtle knows how to skateboard🐢🛹 #animals #skateboard #funny #foryou #fyp

♬ Cradles – Sub Urban

The turtle has excellent skateboarding skills and can stop moving forward freely!#turtle #fyp #🐢 #cute #pet #tortoise

♬ 欢乐多 – 初夏微凉

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