Save $270 on this expertly crafted, Japanese-style knife set

Whether you're a professional chef or an at-home cook, you deserve to have the best tools at your disposal, especially when it comes to your kitchen knives. After all, a dull blade is a dangerous one, and you should only be using knives that can cut, slice, and dice effortlessly. You might think that means dropping hundreds for an expensive knife set, but the price doesn't necessarily equate to quality when it comes to sharpness. 

The Seido Japanese Master Knife Set comes with five must-have knives that offer a great balance between sharp edge retention and durability with a higher carbon content than other so-called "premium" knives. While most Western-style knives have edge angles of 25-degrees, the knives in this set offer a more acute 15-degree angle for a noticeably sharper cutting face.

Included in this set are the 8" Chef Knife, a classic, all-around utilitarian knife that's ideal for slicing through heaps of meat and veggies. The 7" Cleaver is akin to a butcher's knife, making it great for hacking through bone and tough meat. You can even use the broad side of the cleaver for crushing items like garlic cloves.

The 7" Santoku Knife is built with a thinner blade for a finer edge and is forged with a Granton edge to prevent food from sticking while you chop. Likewise, the 5" Santoku Knife is crafted similarly to its larger counterpart but is more functional with smaller fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the 3.5" Paring Knife that serves as a multi-function knife with ideal length and balance for precision cutting. This is an excellent tool for detailed cuts, and can even work as a bar knife to cut any garnishes for cocktails.

Seido has paid attention to every detail in the design of these knives and understands that quality shouldn't be synonymous with high price tags. The construction on these blades offers better comfort, control, and overall balance, and you can have this all for a massively reduced price.

Right now, you can grab this top-shelf Seido Japanese Master Chef Knife Set for 67% off at only $129.99.