Channel your inner plant parent with this green thumb mastery bundle

You may not be talking to your houseplants as much these days (thanks, lockdown of 2020), but there are lots of reasons why tending to your plants and gardens can be beneficial. Not only can it potentially lower your blood pressure and even burn a few calories here and there, but tending to plants can be incredibly satisfying, and watching them thrive and grow under your care is really something to be proud of. 

Whether you've never managed to keep a plant alive for more than a week or you've just started a vegetable garden in your backyard, The 2022 Green Thumb Gardener Bundle helps you understand how to get the most out of your plants, flowers, and gardens, no matter how experienced a green thumb you are.

This three-course bundle covers a wide range of topics, all helping you to strengthen your green thumb and keep your plants alive and healthy for longer. Its first course, "Gardening for Beginners Plus House Plants, Succulents, & Herbs," gives you the lowdown on five of the most low-maintenance house plants, enabling you to adorn your home with gorgeous greenery.

And for those who want to take things a step further and build full-fledged vegetable gardens, there's an entire course that explores easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs, an incredibly gratifying practice that is good for your health and can save you money in the long run. From radishes to carrots to lettuces, this course shows you, step by step, how to keep a healthy vegetable garden. It even explores the art of maintaining stackable vegetable planters.

And if planters and gardens intimidate you, this bundle also includes a course that serves as an introductory to carpentry, teaching you how to build stackable planters, simple wooden planters, and more. Each lesson is designed for bulders with no prior DIY experience, allowing you to save on expensive planters and just make them yourself.

Led by SkillSuccess, the popular learning hub behind over 2,000 online video courses, students will have access to well-thought-out lesson plans, original content, and beyond. And with high-class ratings across the board, students are happy to swap out their pricey traditional education costs for these helpful, accessible, affordable online courses.

Get The 2022 Green Thumb Gardener Bundle for the deeply discounted price of $19.99.