Nestlé launches new vegan shrimp called — wait for it — "Vrimp"

Nestlé just announced a new plant-based shrimp alternative, which they are calling Garden Gourmet Vrimp:

It is vegan and made from a combination of seaweed, peas and konjac root. It is a source of fiber and comes with a Nutri-Score B in Europe. It also has the authentic texture and flavor of succulent shrimps. It is perfect for complimenting salads and poke bowls and can be used in stir fried dishes, pasta dishes or as topping for pizzas.

Vrimp is currently available in Nestlé's home country of Switzerland, as well as Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. It's not clear when it will become available in the US, or why the 64th largest multinational conglomerate in the world couldn't hire a branding firm to come up with a better name than "Vrimp."

The company also announced a new vegan scrambled eggs alternative, but at least "Garden Gourmet vEGGie" is less weird.

Plant-based alternatives to egg and shrimp now on menu at Nestlé [Nestlé]