Vegan bakery caught reselling Dunkin' donuts

There's laziness, and then there's dangerous laziness. Imagine a small vegan bakery in Long Island struggling against the odds, providing the local community with vegan and gluten-free donuts they can eat without worry. On first glance, the Savory Fig bakery seems like nothing more than that- but a moment of carelessness from owner Michelle Siriani revealed that they were, in fact, simply purchasing Dunkin' Donuts baked goods to resell at a profit.

It all came undone when Siriani fulfilled a baked goods order to vegan market Cindy Snacks, inadvertently including a donut covered with Dunkin's signature D sprinkles.

Sure enough, Michelle's (or rather, Dunkin's) donuts were neither vegan nor gluten free- which poses a very real danger given the fact that they're sold under false pretenses. It's a genuine miracle that no one with celiac disease has wound up dead. The Savory Fig has since deactivated its Instagram and gone dark on Facebook, and is now facing an investigation from the New York Divison of Food Safety and Inspection.