Set the mood with this $55 at-home ambient light system that's Alexa compatible

Nothing says Netflix and chill like the bright lights of your living room, said no one, ever. No matter what you're doing around the house, whether it's reading a book in bed or entertaining a group of friends in the dining room, there's no denying that lighting can set the tone of any activity. And typical, everyday lamps rarely cut it.

These days, taking control over your home's lighting scheme doesn't mean installing a whole new light system. In fact, it's as simple as opening an app on your phone, well, the one that comes with the Smart RGB Ambient Lighting, that is. This system allows you to fully control the mood of any room in your home with lights, all from your own phone, complete with tones, colors, and more. 

Unlike other colored bulbs or simple manipulative lighting you've used in the past, this smart system lets you choose from a jaw-dropping 16 million hues, allowing you to transform any room's ambiance within seconds. Plus, with each LED color you select, you'll also be able to adjust the scene, brightness, color saturation, and temperature, giving you full creative control. 

For your convenience, this smart lighting system is accessible on your phone with its accompanying app, and you can even link it with most smart home systems, including Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. And since it's connected to your phone, you can even make the lights dance along with your favorite tunes, creating a fully immersive experience right at home — and if anything else, it makes for a truly memorable party trick. 

Created by One Products, a trusted tech provider by people all over the world, you can rest assured the RGB Ambient Light will give your home the major upgrade it needs, turning movie nights, parties, and regular Tuesday evenings into something truly memorable.

You can save just over 20% on the RGB Ambient Light, making it just $54.99.