6 bottles of premium wine catered to your taste is definitely something to cheers about

Look, you've sipped on many a glass of wine over the years. You may not be a sommelier, but you definitely are the master of your own palette. Whether you're into big, fruity reds or would kill for a glass of cold, buttery chardonnay, nobody has a better taste in wine than you — according to your tastebuds, anyway.

There are lots of wine-delivery services out there, but how many of them contain wines specifically tailored to what you like to drink? That's where Firstleaf comes into play. The only wine club that tailors its choices based on each individual member's specific preferences, this is a totally different way to enjoy bottles at home. It's no wonder Firstleaf was named America's #1 Awarded Wine Club!

The way this works is simple. Before getting your first batch of six bottles of top-notch wine, you'll have the opportunity to take a quiz that helps the wine specialists over at Firstleaf to better understand your likes and dislikes, creating a list of wines that fit within your flavor profile. After that, you'll receive half a dozen bottles of the award-winning wine dropped off at your doorstep, costing you no more than $4.99 a bottle, and that includes shipping costs.

No matter what kinds of wine you like, Firstleaf never disappoints thanks to its vast selection of bottles hailing from wineries in Napa and Sonoma County in California. And over time, as you sip on different blends, discovering great labels and re-ordering the ones you love, you can give them ratings, further personalizing the selection process. In fact, after just three ratings, Firstleaf's predictions boast a 98% accuracy rate.

Featured in Delish, ET, Food & Wine, Refinery29, Vogue, GQ, and Paste, Firstleaf is quickly becoming one of the most popular wine clubs around. That's because, in addition to its incredible starter deal, continuing members get to enjoy incredible savings, with the option to get recurring deliveries every one, two, or three months. 

Get your first 6 bottles of wine from Firstleaf for just $29.95 shipped — that's over 60% off its regular rate.