At just $13, the Ecolighter BB is a rechargeable and eco-friendly lighter option

There's nothing quite like the feeling of lighting your favorite candle and having the scent instantly uplift your mood. However, a broken lighter can be the ultimate mood killer. Instead of replacing gas lighters or resorting to complex lighter fluid hacks containing harmful substances, you can switch to a reusable and eco-friendly alternative. After all, using a lighter shouldn't feel like you need the skill sets of a mechanical engineer.

Now discounted at 35% off its retail price of $19, the Ecolighter BB is on sale for $13, a great long-term investment for a reusable and sustainable product. The Ecolighter BB is an electric lighter that's easily rechargeable and provides up to 300 lights per charge. With the push of a button, you can comfortably turn on the flameless Arc light and avoid any troublesome or burning hot "wheels" that can take three or more tries to get going. 

Probably the biggest advantage to the Ecolighter BB is that it eliminates the need for butane gas, which can be damaging and toxic to the environment. Butane gas is also highly flammable and reactive, something you shouldn't have to worry about when lighting a candle. 

Plus, the Ecolighter BB is waterproof and windproof, making it usable during outdoor activities, harsher weather conditions, and even a weekly bathtub ritual — if that's your thing. Besides its functional advantages, an additional perk is the Ecolighter BB's modern look and style. The sleek body comes in both matte white and rose gold, which can pair nicely with your home decor.

Why have multiple gas lighters hidden in your junk drawer that doesn't always work, when you can have one reliable lighter worthy of display? The Ecolighter BB is a convenient and safer solution for a lighter that positively impacts the environment — now on sale for only $13, or 35% off, give your favorite candle the partner in crime it deserves.