Don't want to pay a premium for a MacBook? This refurbished model works like new for $399

Let's be honest, not all of us need the newest MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles to complete our personal or professional tasks, nor is paying the highest price a reasonable option. So what about a refurbished MacBook Pro? You'd be pleased to know that this doesn't mean sacrificing the quality associated with newer models. Mac of All Trades shares a few reasons why this is a worthwhile investment, including a sleek, robust build, great graphics, and competitive speeds.

In fact, you can even save money by getting a refurbished MacBook that's been fully tested by expert technicians, making it effectively the same as a brand new computer. Case in point: this refurbished Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" is now on sale for $400, 63% off its original price of $1,099.

This refurbished model from 2011 operates with a fast 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor so you can swiftly browse through tabs and work on your files without worrying about any lagging issues. With 7 hours of battery life, you can stream and browse videos with speedy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to keep you plugged in and prepared wherever you are. 

A big plus is the 500GB of storage that makes it efficient for you to store and access important files on a larger standard hard drive, whenever necessary. The 13.3" LED-backlit TFT active-matrix screen is also a considerable size to display crystal-clear graphics and videos for your family and friends or during a work presentation. As an added bonus, the price includes a black case to protect from scratches and everyday usage. 

Whether you're looking to purchase a well-equipped MacBook Pro for work or leisure, this refurbished 13.3" silver Apple MacBook Pro is at an amazing price of just $400, or 63% off.