Freaky electric yellow catfish caught in the Netherlands looks like a cartoon creature

This electric yellow catfish looks like it could have been caught in the old fishin' hole outside the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, but professional angler Martin Glatz actually reeled it on a lake in the Netherlands. It's a Wels Catfish, a species while known for reaching large size are "typically dark greenish-black with yellowish sides that results in a mottled pattern," according to the US Department of the Interior. They are not… this color.

"I have never seen such a catfish before," Glatz told Live Science. "I am still overwhelmed by it."

From Live Science:

The lemon-zested catfish likely has leucism, a rare genetic disorder that causes a reduction of pigmentation in skin and hair[…]

Leucism has been observed in mammals, reptiles, birds and fish, resulting in striking sightings such as yellow penguins and white killer whales. In 2017, a leucistic yellow catfish was spotted in the Mississippi River in Iowa, making headlines in the local newspaper Herald & Review.

After snapping the memorable photo above, Glatz tossed the curious creature back into the water where hopefully it'll survive to surprise and delight other animals for years to come.

image (cropped): Martin Glatz