Upgrade your Apple TV remote with this Function101 Button Remote

What do dribbling coffee on your white shirt, getting caught in rush hour, and stepping in dog poop all have in common? They're some of the most annoying ways to start off your day. But none of these nightmares can even compare to the anger that bubbles up inside you upon realizing you have no clue where your teeny, tiny Apple remote could have possibly disappeared to.

Just like a lot of Apple products, the Siri remote that accompanies your Apple TV is handheld and perfectly sleek and compact. But with this handy size comes the everyday problem of losing it under the couch, in between your couch cushions, and other crevices located in the room you keep your TV in. And that's why so many people are praising the Function101 Button Remote for serving as a secondary gizmo when your little Apple remote is nowhere to be found.

Designed to be more like the sturdy remotes you're used to using, this secondary remote is way harder to lose than the one that comes with your Apple TV system. But just because it isn't as compact doesn't mean it functions any different, as it lets you control the power, volume, and mute features on your TV with ease. It even has a range of activity as far as 12 meters.

Thanks to the remote's infrared technology, you can connect the remote to your system effortlessly, and it's been proven to work well with both Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. Even if you don't have the popular TV system, the Function 101 Button Remote works well with other 4K TVs, making it incredibly versatile. And don't worry, you never have to use voice recognition to set up or use the remote at any time. 

Toting high ratings on Amazon, Function101 Button Remote users appreciate its no-frill approach to otherwise advanced smart TV systems. And it's always great to have a secondary remote around when the Siri remote decides to go on vacation!

You can get the Function101 Button Remote now for just $29.95