Electrical engineering has never been more fun with these build-at-home robotics kits

The world of electrical engineering and robotics is exciting and full of endless possibilities. In fact, getting kids hooked early will boost their problem-solving skills, stimulate their creativity, and better prepare them for the future. They just need the right push to get started.

These kits are the perfect place to start whether you want to enter them to find a new hobby, work on a new project with your kids, or even learn the fundamentals so you can build upon them for future goals. You'll learn all the basics of electrical engineering, soldering, and simple robot construction in these convenient packages, all while getting to build some cool futuristic bots, spaceships, and vessels. 

Geeek Club DIY Robot Construction Kit – $125.95; originally $129

This kit gives you the motors, sensors, and robotic pieces to craft your own miniature troop of smart, roving robots that you can proudly display as works of your own. In no time at all, you'll be developing hardware and electrical engineering skills that will make you feel like a Tesla or an Edison, without any of the boring courses and textbooks. All you'll need are the hands to craft these bots and some soldering equipment!

Geeek Club 3RT Cyber Copter + Tool Kit – $99.99; originally $109

Akin to the legendary Apache helicopter, this bright red, futuristic rendition adds a large cargo capacity as well as a number of LED light components that will really make this model stand out. This kit includes all the necessary equipment to get you started soldering right away. So, get ready to fly and take your electrical engineering skills to the next level as you learn all the basics of soldering while building this cyberpunk Apache helicopter. 

Geeek Club MAT 002 Wipe Racer + Tool Kit – $119.99; originally $129

Are you ready to push the limits of physical speed and human reflexes with the visionary cyberpunk sport of anti-gravity racing? Then get ready to build the MAT002 Wipe Racer, the perfect smuggling vessel for rogue bandits and wandering pirates that need their ship to have speed, and sleek good looks. This kit includes all the necessary components to get started right away including soldering iron, wire, tweezers, pliers, and so much more!

Geeek Club MXC Two Legs Heavy Sniper + Tool Kit – $149; originally $159

If you're looking for a vessel that will give you safe passage through the bombed-out craters of a war-ravaged world, wasteland, or cityscape, then the MXC is the kit for you. You'll have a blast building this two-legged heavy sniper featuring prominent robotic arms and powerful, far-sighted weaponry. As with the rest of these futuristic kits, you'll find tools like a soldering iron and tweezers to get started.

Geeek Club MAT 002 Wipe Racer + Tool Kit – $129.99; originally $139

The W4 is a space-enabled cyberpunk-inspired scout vehicle that can operate in both manned and unmanned modes. Raising the bar in terms of visuals, complexity, and depth, this iconic model will help empower the rest of your fleet with valuable intel to help you build your legend in the coming millennium.

Prices subject to change.