'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' looks like a 2017 remix of 'A Knight's Tale'

Yikes! I saw this in my feed and assumed it was new! I was just informed the movie trailer is from 2017! I originally thought it was current and from 2021. I guess I can go find out if Jude Law rides a battle elephant now.

I do not think I ever made it all the way through the always-on-cable A Knight's Tale but I understand that it is, or was, very popular. It starred a hunky Heath Ledger.

This trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword demonstrates that not only will every generation have a rock and roll swords and sorcery movie, but this one gets Jude Law and gigantic battle elephants. Also, whom I assume is Merlin appears strangely straight out of the pages of GQ.

This trailer also suggests a very busy film.

I will likely forget that this movie is coming, rediscover it on some streaming service in a few years, and fall asleep. I will try to watch it, however, as I am hoping Jude Law rides a battle elephant in the final face down.