This battery storage case proves you can, in fact, have a place for everything

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Whether it's loose papers, electronics, or work-related doo-dads, having a bunch of things lying around the house can create some serious clutter. But having a bunch of things strewn about your home, creating a disordered, chaotic living space can cause serious anxiety, according to this New York Times report. But what if you simply don't have a place for all of these random things to go? 

While you may not have a place for every little gizmo and gadget lying around the house, this Flipo storage case will at least give your batteries a place to live. Capable of holding up to 60 batteries, this case makes finding your batteries easy, organizing them into one, easily accessible place that you can keep just about anywhere. 

If you figure this case can't hold your wide assortment of batteries (not just the tiny AAs), you'll be happy to learn this storage case can hold all of them, including 26 AAAs, 24 AAs, four CR-2032s, two 9-volts, two Cs, and 2 D-sized batteries. And despite their different shapes and dimensions, this case ensures they stay safe and in good shape thanks to an EVA foam insert that prevents them from moving around. It also features a durable zipper closure and a handle on its exterior, great for taking with you on the go.

Each Flipo battery storage case also comes with a convenient battery tester that allows you to keep your batteries in tip-top shape, letting you know whether they're carrying a good charge or need to be thrown away. Because who wants to keep dead batteries around, crowding your drawers for no reason? 

Toting high ratings online across multiple popular sites, people all over are embracing the Flipo Battery storage case, praising it for its convenience and clutter-preventing nature. Plus, it makes for an excellent gift!

Get the Flipo Battery Storage Case for $24.99, just over 15% off its regular rate.