Two cops fired over counterfeit vaccine cards

Two Lancaster, Pennsylvania, police officers were fired this week after allegedly submitting fake Covid vaccine cards. There wasn't even a vaccine mandate!

Officers Heather Schaeffer and Benjamin Lapp violated the city's COVID-19 reporting policy when they turned in the cards, therefore lying about being vaccinated, according to a LancasterOnline review of the termination letters. … On Friday the Lancaster Bureau of Police said Schaeffer and Lapp were fired for "violating required standards of conduct, for conduct unbecoming an officer and for conduct suggesting they are unfit for service as police officers." No additional information was provided.

Assuming OpenPayrolls public salary data is accurate, ditching these two cops saves the city of Lancaster (which Wikipedia reports has a per-capita income of $13,955 and 29.2% of children living in poverty) more than $150k.