The CrowPi is a combination Linux laptop and Raspberry Pi explorer's kit

The CrowPi2 looks like an ordinary laptop with an 11.6-inch screen with 1080p resolution, but it's also a nifty Raspberry Pi experimentation and learning platform. You can remove the wireless keyboard from the case to reveal a development board with bunch of different onboard sensors and modules, and components such as an LCD display and a solderless breadboard.

I'm impressed with how many peripherals and components it comes with for the price (around $500), including a Raspberry Pi 4, a mouse, a game controller (for playing thousands of retro games using console emulation software), an SD card and the laptop itself. It also comes with books to teach Scratch and Python. It comes preloaded with Raspbian OS 10 and custom educational apps.

It's available from the manufacturer (link above) or Amazon.

This unboxing video shows everything it comes with.