PiDock converts a Raspberry Pi 400 into a laptop

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a keyboard with a single-board computer built-in, like the old 8-bits of yore. The PiDock is a display+trackpad caddy for it which converts it into a laptop. A bulky and not inexpensive laptop with no battery. But surely fun to tinker with!

The PiDock 400 is the perfect laptop style dock with built in keyboard for your Raspberry Pi 400. The Pidock features an internal board that powers the built in display and the older, BCM Mouse connection from a raspberry pi to make it work like a full computer, including its own working mousepad!

It also comes with cables to connect to other external devices; such as input devices or output devices. This raspberry pi laptop kit Connected cables can be used for power-in [from outlets], RPI-Mouse [to cursor movement on monitor], HDMI distribution toward TV set (or other monitors), and USB-C Power Distribution Upstream toward multiple USB charging sources (on desk). This device will give you an edge toward building up any type of digital control

This reminds me of when you're in a grocery store and see "limoncello and chocolate mint beef jerky made with real chicken" or somesuch.

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