Toke up in style with these great deals during this Pre-Black Friday Sale

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Back in the "old" days, you know before it was actually legal to light up a joint, like maybe ten years ago, we would hide our pot for fear of getting caught. We certainly wouldn't smoke in public places, nor would we flaunt our cool drug paraphernalia.

But times they are a-changin', cannabis is becoming mainstream, and more and more states are getting on board, particularly now that they realize that the results of legalizing marijuana are quite positive. So here is your opportunity to ramp up your toking style, all now on sale with an extra 15% discount during our Pre-Black Friday Sale.

Genius Pipe – $55.24 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $99

If Tommy Chong says it works, it works. This sleek pipe is going to be your new go-to whenever the mood strikes. It offers a smooth and cough-free experience thanks to the dimpled design, while the spill- and smell-proof cover lets you easily slip it into your pocket with no worries. Simply tote and toke!

Geekey Multi-Tool – $19.54 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $55

This great little tool is like having your pipe attached to your utility knife. That's right. Not only do you easily pull it out of your pocket when you want to smoke, but it also offers a screwdriver, protractor, wire bender, can opener, and so much more. 

Genius Mini 5.0 Pipe – $55.24 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $75

Tommy Chong knows what he speaks. He claims that this sleek and stylish Genius pipe really "blows his mind", and "it's perfect for loading a bowl on the go." Add in that you can also track all of life's moments through an online profile page for your pipe and this pipe becomes truly special.

Twisty Glass Original – $25.49 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $49

We are all trying to become a little more environmentally responsible, and now we can take that one step further with this cool pipe, which eliminates the need for rolling papers. Featuring 5 chambers that hold up to 2 grams of your favorite bud, the funky design features Infini-Cherry technology which means you only have to light up once rather than between every pull. 

Allin1E Smoking Tool – $29.74 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $59

Ya gotta love it when everything you need to enjoy your next hit of weed is all packaged up in one convenient tool. Made of aerospace quality aluminum, the Allin1E features storage for a mini Bic lighter on one side, a cig-shaped quartz glass one-hitter pipe on another, and a stainless steel cleaning poker on another. Perfect when you want to take a hit on the go.

Stori™ Cannabis Storage System – $129.20 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $179

It wasn't that long ago that we used to keep our stash hidden in our sock drawers, or behind our books, or under our mattress. But the time has come that we can be proud of what we smoke and can put it on display for all to see. This cannabis storage case stores 6 pods and 6 tubes with room for accessories like rolling papers, lighters, and vapes.

Twisty Mini Glass Tobacco Pipe – $15.26 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $49

We get it. Sometimes you just wanna take a small hit. This Twisty Pipe is perfect for those of you who are occasional users or just take more pleasure from a slow pull. It has the same great features as the original Twisty pipe but will have a smaller 1.5-gram capacity. 

Süka Pipe – $48.44 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $69

It may look like a UFO (and may certainly blow your mind as if you actually saw a UFO) but this Süka Pipe is actually designed to simplify smoking for on-the-go smokers. It holds up to 4 grams, and you can quickly load the bowl by turning the center trackball inward, then flip the pipe, so the herb falls to that side.

Simple One-Hitter + Dugout Bundle – $29.71 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $50

While it's totally legal in many states, sometimes we still want to be a little more discreet about our smoking habits. This bundle lets you do just that. It offers the One-Hitter that dissipates heat for smoother hits and doesn't crack or shatter when dropped. Meanwhile, the Dugout provides maximum durability and superior wear resistance with a secure cap, protecting your herbs.  

SoloPipe Gold Self-Igniting Pipe – $39.94 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $69

Simple and sleek, this SoloPipe is not only attractive and durable, but it also features a built-in rechargeable lighter. It comes with a hard-shell protective case, carrying bag, cleaning tools, brush screens, and a SoloBowl replaceable glass bowl insert. 

Elektra PRO: 2-in-1 Rechargeable Lighter + Pipe – $84.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $129

When you wanna light up, you want to do it now. You don't want to have to search for matches or ask your peeps. This Elektra Pro combines a sleek gunmetal pipe design with a rechargeable lighter. The pure ceramic bowl comes with a sliding cover to ensure that nothing falls out when you are on the go — because no one wants to waste! It's easy to store, easy to clean, and easy to ignite — the heated coil ensures that you'll be able to light up no matter what the weather. 

2-Pack SoloPipe Self-Igniting Pipe – $84.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $199

What's better than being able to toke up in public? How about looking suave when doing so? This Solo Pipe is not only sleek and luxuriant in design, it features a built-in butane lighter, among other cool features, that will make your experience more convenient than ever. And because we know you're going to love this so much, we have included two in this deal!