Right wing extremist Arizona congressman Paul Gosar released absurd "Attack on Titan"-themed anime video

Far right extremist Arizona congressman Paul Gosar released the clip below that is not just offensive to Attack on Titan fans, but offensive to anyone with any taste at all. From the Jerusalem Post:

The video shows Gosar's photo over a photograph of the White House. It is followed by short clips of immigrants making their way with blood photoshopped along the border of the video. This is followed by a clip glorifying border patrol officers as they stand lined up.

Gosar is depicted as one of a group of Republicans acting as the Survey Corps, a fictional branch of the military in Attack on Titan which battles the titans. Their faces were photoshopped onto the cartoon bodies of the main characters of the show, while the titans were photoshopped to have the faces of Democrats such as New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and US President Joe Biden.

The video reaches its climax when it depicts Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the show, attacking the oversized face of Biden as a titan.

(Thanks, UPSO!)