Boomers love to say "woke" but (surprise!) hate "OK boomer" and "mansplain," according to new survey

A slang survey by online language tutor platform Preply reports 50% of American use slang words without knowing their meaning, such as ghosted, salty, on point, extra, catfish, and thirst, which were ranked as some of the most popular slang words in use today. "OK boomer" was in first place for "most-hated slang." From The Weekly:

A number of baby boomers undoubtedly took offense. It tied for the No. 1 spot with 'bae,' a modern slang term for significant other, at 29 percent." The boomers hate "mansplain" even more, and they're the most likely generation to use the word "woke" — which, among all generations, is the fourth-most-hated slang word, the survey found.