Save thousands on airfare by saving 15% off TravelHacker Premium with this Pre-Black Friday Sale

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Itching to get out and see the world? Of course, you are. Here's the problem. We're all sick and tired of trying to find the best deals on flights. On top of that, finding a safe place to visit during a pandemic is as challenging as ordering a non-fat triple shot latte with unicorn milk and a drizzle of everlasting youth at Home Depot. Fortunately, you don't need psychic powers or a personal assistant to streamline your research. 

TravelHacker Premium is changing the way people travel. The app does all of the research for you; it uncovers the lowest airfare deals but that's not all. The app also figures out the reopening status and restrictions in 124 countries and 3,800+ airports worldwide — all updated in real-time, of course.

People are raving about the app's ability to monitor thousands of routes across the globe. Ready to fly off to Japan to enjoy a savory plate of chicken teriyaki? The app will let you know when airline ticket prices drop. If you're happy with the price, you can click and book the flight directly with your preferred booking website: Google Flights, etc. People save an average of $200 – $500 on each flight ticket.

A lot of jobs are remote these days. If you've ever wondered what it's like to live a nomadic life, yesterday was the time to act! TravelHacker gives you the power to create unlimited route and region alerts. That's right — pull out your Pinterest board. The people who judged you for having a travel board on Pinterest will cry in different languages when they see you exploring exotic destinations on Instagram and Snapchat. The app takes two minutes to set up and gives you a lifetime of opportunities to go where your heart dreams of going. 

Get the app. Eat sushi in Japan while wearing a Kimono. Live your best life. And if anyone ever says that you're extra for traveling to multiple places every year, tell them that they're basic and could benefit from traveling. With this Pre-Black Friday Sale, get 15% off a lifetime subscription to TravelHacker Premium by using the code SAVE15NOW