Save on this robotic art kit for kids ahead of Black Friday!

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For some reason, it's easy to get carried away with gift-giving during the holidays, spending tons of money on toys and doo-dads that kids use for five minutes before casting aside for new stuff. So instead of a mini-BMW or yet another action figure, perhaps a valuable learning tool should have a place under the tree this year. 

When it comes to kids' constantly growing brains, it's important to build a solid foundation in art, science, and more, helping them to better grasp lessons and concepts as they get older. And that's where this Robotic Art Kit and Twin School subscription come into play. Providing kids with fun educational games and content, these tools can get little ones excited to learn, never leaving them bored or underwhelmed. 

Created by the innovative children's learning hub, Twin Science, the Robotic Art Kit lets kids discover the magic of everyday tech through a handful of art and science projects, stimulating their critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills. Unlike other two-dimensional toys, this kit keeps kids busy and energized, allowing them to explore the inner workings of spin art, a confetti machine, a vacuum cleaner, and more. 

In addition to the Robotic Art Kit, this educational bundle also includes a subscription to Twin School for an entire year, giving kids access to gamified adventures and classes, all available on a smartphone or tablet. Praised by BBC and the World Economic Forum, and recognized by The Bett Awards and Play for Change Awards, the innovative program, created by experts in the education field, shows kids how to use technology for good. Partnered with various colleges and educational institutions, Twin School is currently helping over 500,000 young minds get excited about technology through challenging games and lessons. 

Save nearly 70% ahead of Black Friday on the Robotic Art Kit with 1-Year Premium Subscription to Twin School, making it just $45

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