Pre-Black Friday Deal: Protect your ornaments from pets and kids with these anchors

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When you think of Christmas, what do you think of? Cookies? Gifts? For many people, the Christmas tree is the most important aspect of the season. In fact, some people completely forget about Halloween and Thanksgiving. Once November arrives, many celebrants bring out their Christmas decor. Some even keep their Christmas trees up year-round. It's true, and they adapt the decor for various holidays that aren't rooted in Christmas. 

Whether your Christmas tree stays up throughout the year or you're thinking about getting a new tree for your home, the decorating process can be exciting for some and dreadful for many. A lot of people spend hundreds of dollars on ornament collections. Unfortunately, it's seemingly impossible to find beautiful ornaments that are indestructible, so why not reinforce them with this 24-pack of Ornament Anchors?

Keep your ornaments safe and secured. These heavy-duty ornament hangers attach ornaments securely onto the branch  — all you have to do is loop the ornament anchor to your tree. The patent-pending loop and pull ensures ornaments are clamped onto the tree branch and stay securely in place. This useful Christmas tech has 4.6 out of 5 stars online and has been featured on QVC, Good Morning America, and CNN. Each anchor can hold up to 8 pounds — that's basically a cat. Plus, the easy-to-move design makes repositioning the tree effortless.

Speaking of cats, every pet owner will tell you that their furry friends are notorious for destroying ornaments and basically anything humans cherish. With these ornament anchors, you don't have to worry about wrapping a thin metal wire around the branches, only to wake to them demolished in the night by your four-legged adoptees.

If you're fed up with cleaning up broken ornaments from your floor, it's time to invest in a 24-Pack of Ornament Anchors, now just $19.99, or 20% off during this Pre-Black Friday Sale. 

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