Couture high-heeled Crocs exist

Balenciaga is offering Crocs with high heels for a mere $625/pair. Because, of course they are! A reminder that this isn't the luxury brand's first plastic shoe atrocity, I mean, "reinterpretation." You might remember in 2018 they offered platform Crocs. You may also remember that, in that same year, I reported that Crocs themselves made high-heeled shoes.

I included this in the 2018 post about the platform Crocs, and it's worth repeating today:

W writes that Gvasalia has "a habit of trolling the fashion industry with upscaled versions of mundane items."

For example, there's the $1,100 calf-skin leather version of the brand's own paper shopping bags, $2,145 leather totes inspired by IKEA's iconic $0.99 Frakta bag, and a high-fashion take on "ugly sneakers" that have been seen on the super-hip crowd, from Hailey Baldwin to Elsa Hosk to Bella Hadid. It's started something of a trend outside of Gvasalia's domains of Balenciaga and Vetements as well, including Tiffany & Co.'s "Everyday Objects" collections (complete with a $1,000 sterling silver "tin" can), Dolce & Gabbana's $110 pasta, and Supreme's paperweight made of $100 bills.

Oh, we remember the "tin" can.

P.S. Balenciaga's Clones collection, of which these high heels are part of, also includes high-end knock-offs of Louis Vuitton handbags and other items.

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