Save over $500 off this 1080p pocket project with an early Black Friday discount

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Before the pandemic, seeing the latest films on big screens at movie theaters was a tradition many of us shared. Watching movies on the silver screen is a huge part of this era. Unfortunately, movie theaters are struggling to fill seats since the start of the pandemic. To make up for lost revenue, theaters are going to extreme lengths to cover costs. It's now common for movie theaters like AMC to offer private movie experiences, but the price tag is high. Unreasonably high.

Modern problems require modern solutions. If massive multimedia experiences bring you joy, it's time to grab a Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector. Yes, we've come such a long way with technological innovations that you can carry a movie theater experience in your pocket. Plus, it's just $279.97 when you purchase before Black Friday.

Going on a date? Pull out your Prima pocket projector and impress your future spouse. Catching up with friends? Pull out your pocket projector and play the movies and shows your friends know and love. Can you imagine watching the new season of Stranger Things with your squad wherever you want? Don't like people? No problem! Pick up some waffles and marathon the show by yourself! The portable projector is slim and weighs as much as most iPhones.  

It's time to abandon all responsibilities and binge your favorite shows in 1080p. The projection size scales between 30 and 200 inches. Yes, size does matter. Fortunately, Prima utilizes 200 lumens, which is four times the brightness of most portable projectors. You'll experience crisp, sharp visuals in most lighting conditions.

This incredible gadget is Android-powered and has a 64-bit core processor. You can access the Google Play Store, download apps (yes, games too!), and stream directly from Prima. What people love most about the Prima Pocket Projector is its ability to sync directly with phones, laptops, and tablets. Traveling? No problem. Prima gives you up to three hours of video playback and up to thirty hours of audio playback. 

For our Pre-Black Friday Sale, enjoy 64% off the Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector, dropping the price to just $279.97. If you've ever wanted your own home theater experience, this is the deal you've been waiting for. 

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