33 Black Friday deals on gadgets anyone would love to find under the tree this year

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Thinking up great gifts for everyone in your life can be incredibly difficult, leaving you overwhelmed and left scrambling for products you don't even know anyone really wants. This year, change things up and give our loved ones stuff they can get lots of use out of, like great gadgets they can use on the regular.

Lucky for you, this list is packed with 33 incredible products, sure to prove useful all year round. And the best part? They're all discounted this Black Friday.

TREBLAB XR500 Wireless Sports Earbuds – $23.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $39

Ideal for gym-goers, hikers, runners, and beyond, these earbuds are designed to withstand some serious movement without ever budging or breaking while exposed to lots of sweat. And their nine-hour battery life makes it so you never have to slow down.

DIY Drone Builder Kit – $23.98 with code BFSAVE20; originally $99

Great for a family project or a challenge to tackle on your own, this kit lets you piece together a drone, bit by bit, before flying and controlling it through its accompanying CS Pilot app. Even if you're new at building, this kit is easy to understand yet challenging enough to get your brain juices flowing.

3-in-1 Apple Watch, AirPods & iPhone Charger (Black) – $11.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $34

Thanks to this handy charger, you can charge three Apple devices at once, saving you tons of time, and since it's super portable, you never have to remember to grab all the cables for different gadgets again.

Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 – $67.16 with code BFSAVE20; originally $99

Whether you're shopping for paint colors or looking for the right hue for your next art project, this handy sensor lets you capture colors from just about anywhere, perfectly matching it with one of its 100,000 existing colors.

PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick – $183.20 with code BFSAVE20; originally $249

When you can't make it to the green, this golf simulator lets you perfect your swing in the middle of your living room, complete with breathtaking graphics of real golf courses around the world. With over 16,000 reviews online, this simulator is helping aspiring golfers all over become better players.

U-STREAM Home Streaming Studio with 10" Ring Light & Tripod – $39.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $99

Whether you're filming a new makeup tutorial or simply want to look good for your Zoom meeting, this ring light and tripod combo give you that professional studio lighting no matter where you are, with 10 levels of brightness and three lighting options to choose from.

XC Security Camera – $36.19 with code BFSAVE20; originally $59

This award-winning indoor security camera lets you keep tabs on everything going on inside your home no matter where in the world you are. Watch high-quality video and record footage with the tap of a finger thanks to its easy-to-use accompanying app.

Robo 360° Rotation Smart AI Object Tracking Gimbal – $29.59 with code BFSAVE20; originally $129

Capture those priceless candid moments or go hands-free with ease thanks to this gimbal that boasts a 360-degree rotation, built-in innovative AI, and real-time target tracking, ensuring smooth, gorgeous shots every time. Whether it's filming a sporting event or recording a vlog, this gadget can up the quality of your footage big time.

Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor $309.99

Improve your productivity by up to 50% when you add this extra monitor to your computer. Super-easy to install and incredibly portable, you can enjoy the benefits of a multi-monitor setup at home, the office, or your local coffee shop.

Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX: Portable Triple Screen Laptop Monitor (2 Screens) – $269.99

Why have one extra monitor when you can have two? Giving you a three-screen setup, these monitors are ideal for editors, people who need multiple apps and programs open at once, and beyond. And it's compatible with any Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android device via USB connection.

TREBLAB X5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – $39.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $99

With up to 35 hours of stellar sound quality, seamless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and unparalleled call reception, it's no wonder these buds earned 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. They're even sweatproof and water-resistant, ideal for workouts and outdoor adventures.

Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor (4K) – $231.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $700

With its 4K resolution screen to its incredibly portable build, this monitor can turn your laptop into a fully functional touch panel, allowing you to more effectively manage data, edit content, create music, and so much more. You can even attach it to a tablet or game console.

Magnetic Power Tiles: 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station – $31.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $99

This multi-device charger is a total lifesaver, letting you charge 3 different wireless devices simultaneously, along with a fourth device via USB port. Plus, it's incredibly lightweight, allowing you to take it with you to the office, on trips, and beyond.

HD Digital Camera Binoculars – $103.96 with code BFSAVE20; originally $199

More than your typical binoculars, this gadget also has an attached digital screen, allowing you to really hone in on what you're looking at. Whether you take it to a rock concert or out birdwatching, these binoculars' 12X magnification and stellar focus adjustment will let you see everything.

TourBox Neo: The Ultimate Controller for Creators – $119.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $190

Toting 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this console allows you to create more innovatively through various editing software, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and Capture One. Its Ergonomic hands-on layout lets you have all the controls right at your fingertips, and it's compatible with both Windows and macOS.

Xpods Pro True Wireless Earbuds + Charging Case (Black) – $55.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $69

The next generation of Naztech true wireless, these wireless earbuds boast the latest Bluetooth technology for seamless connectivity, precision-tuned drivers for richer acoustics, and built-in microphones for crisp, clear calls. It also features intuitive touch controls and up to five hours of playtime on a single charge.

Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp – $71.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $149

With over 16 million hues and 300 effects to choose from, this corner floor lamp can completely transform any room, ideal for setting the mood on romantic evenings in, parties, and so much more. And thanks to its sleek, minimal design, it never sticks out, taking over the space.

UPERFECT 15.6" Portable Monitor – $204.99; originally $219

This monitor lets you stream content, games, and more from your phone, tablet, or computer, enhancing your viewing experience significantly. Equipped with Type-C, Mini HD, PD & Micro USB ports, this monitor is extremely compatible with all interfaces, and the monitor can be fully adjusted to fit your needs.

Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera – $63.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $149

With its compatible Wi-Fi app, you can view crystal clear, real-time images right on your phone through the drone's stellar camera that boasts 4 times that of 1080p. Promising ultra-stable capture and a 6-axis gyroscope, things always run incredibly smooth.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Lite: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor – $269.99; originally $314

With a faster, sharper display and more color options, this is a new and improved version of the original DUEX, complete with a 12.5" diagonal screen, hybrid signals, and a compact, lighter make. And with a rating of 4.8/5 stars on GforGadget.com, this thing is sure to improve productivity for users of all professions.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor – $239.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $339

With its slightly larger screen of 13.3 inches, this monitor helps users multitask and streamline tasks more efficiently with double the viewing space. Compatible with Windows and macOS, this incredibly portable monitor can change the way you work, edit content, view videos, and so much more.

Wireless HD Endoscope Camera – $39.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $129

Ideal for inspection work, such as plumbing or art creation, this camera boasts eight adjustable LED lights, a 2MP camera, and a 16.5-foot cable that lets you view things at every angle. Plus, it's extremely compatible with multiple systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

mbeat MB-PT-28 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable with Speakers – $239.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $339

Enjoy classic vinyl on this high-quality turntable while enjoying the technology of today, using the device's Bluetooth connection to play music through other devices. You can even use it to record records directly onto your PC.

mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player – $199.20 with code BFSAVE20; originally $363

An upgrade from your old dusty record player, this Bluetooth-enabled vinyl player delivers a clear, crisp sound, allowing you to record music onto your PC for you to enjoy when you're away from home.

The Battpak Power Bank & Travel Safe – $63.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $99

A total lifesaver in many ways, this device can charge your devices when you can't find a plug and also serves as a great place to store credit cards and important documents in its secret compartment. It's even fire retardant!

Caddie View Golf Training System: Stick, Control, & App – $55.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $69

Take your golf game to the next level with this advanced training system that serves as your own personal coach. Simply use its included stick and control to view your moves on your phone, carefully examining how you move so you can improve.

3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Stand – $27.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $59

Live a clutter-free life with this multi-device charging stand that lets you gas up AirPods, mobile phones, and Apple Watches in one fell swoop. And its built-in charging indicator lets you know the status of everything.

AZIO KM535 Antimicrobial Keyboard & Mouse Bundle – $47.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $59

Thanks to its silver-based inorganic exterior, this keyboard keeps your fingers free of harmful germs and bacteria as you work. And, as if that wasn't impressive enough, the keyboard is also a great tech accessory, complete with quiet, responsive keys, a waterproof make, and multimedia hotkeys.

Mug & Wireless Charging Pad Set – $67.96 with code BFSAVE20; originally $94

What's better than a wireless charging pad for your smartphone? A cup of coffee that never gets cold, of course! This set keeps your device charged and your drink warm, both with a minimalist design that is always pleasing to the eyes.

E.P. Lights Block Resin Lamps 3-Piece Bundle – $171.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $237

This abstractly designed lamp is more of a work of art than anything else, providing your eyes with a pleasant show of colors using drop-resistant resin. Never hot to the touch, the lamp is safe to keep anywhere, and it's designed to last as long as 100,000 hours.

LampDepot Ocean Wave Lamp – $227.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $349

Choose from an array of light modes and enjoy a calming illumination of hues for hours on end. Its quality crystal and iron finish ensure its durability, and its high-end design makes it anything but an eyesore.

LampDepot RGB Minimalist Circular Floor Lamp – $103.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $159

Set the mood in any room with this sleek lamp that emits more than 16 million colors and 300+ multi-color effects, all controllable with the tap of a finger. And even when it's turned off, its interesting, modern design adds a little extra something to any space it's in. 

Wewatch Vision V30 SE: Portable Mini HD Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector – $199.99 with code BFSAVE20; originally $299

Watch movies, TV shows, and more on a screen that shows pictures 225% clearer than regular screens. The projector also boasts built-in speakers as well as a Wi-Fi connection that lets you stream content through Airplay and Miracast. 

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