Grab this awesome Minimalist Circular Floor Lamp to spice up any room on sale this Black Friday

Though you've probably missed your window of opportunity to take advantage of ample at-home time (well, unless these morons have anything to say about it), your home should still be a beacon of peace. That said, it's currently decorated more like a hopeless abyss of old puzzles looking to be finished and scenes from a failed TikTok trend attempt (face it, you're no meme spring chicken anymore). Jazz up your space in a fun new way with this LampDepot RGB Minimalist Circular Floor Lamp.

We know you're already working with a small space (or what feels small thanks to being stuck at home all of those months), so this LampDepot RGB Minimalist Circular Floor Lamp fits perfectly in the corners of any room in the house. This includes that one closet you have absolutely no floor space in since you moved into your place, citing that you'll just find spots for the inhabitants later (later is now, by the way). Place this bad boy on any floor, the rubber footing will make it an excellent accessory without having to wipe your hardwood down from scuffing. The integrated soft white LEDs are perfect to give your room the look it needs and the light it deserves.

Not a fan of moving both yourself and your furniture around? No sweat, this light also includes a remote control that allows you to sift through 16 million colors and over 300 multi-color effects from any chair. There's no doubt you'll find the perfect atmospheric lighting for your room in a New York minute with this accent piece.

The best part? It's super lightweight, so you can move it from room to room without having to call in the experts every time the mood strikes differently (or you could just buy multiples, that seems to be the more efficient response to this quandary, if we're being honest).

Get the LampDepot RGB Minimalist Circular Floor Lamp, which includes a remote control and manual, for $103.99 (Reg. $159) with code BFSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.