Mother and son attack Black parking permit inspector then call the cops on him

Martin Martinez, a Black parking permit inspector, recorded a man and his mother interrogating him about what he was doing in an apartment parking lot. Martinez started recording the woman and son, and the son attacked Martinez, who defended himself by knocking the son to the ground. The mother then called the 911 and complained that they didn't know who Martinez was and that he wouldn't show her his ID. Martinez said he is pressing charges against the man.

From Martinez's YouTube:

On November 27th on or a little after 8:00pm while doing my job of checking for car permits in River House apartments in Nashville. I was confronted by the Karen and her son in the parking garage who earlier were following me for no apparent reason. While performing a routine parking permit audit on the premises for my employer the duo confronted me at a nearby elevator and the first words that came out of the Karen's mouth were "you don't belong here, how did you get get in here." After telling her I was doing my job they became insisted I didn't belong their and demanded ID. The video begins from that moment on and the rest is Karen history. After the encounter I waited at the property about 40 minutes for Metro PD where I filed a police report and will be pressing charges. The Karen had also called the police and conveniently left out the fact her son assaulted me. For the record when they first engaged me I had told them I was working and had my ID hanging of my neck. They knew what I was doing and just wanted to demean me by telling me I didn't belong and trying to force me to show them ID.

Martinez posted updates to Reddit:


From International Business Times:

The video starts off with the mother and son questioning Martinez what he was doing in the parking garage.

"None of your business," Martinez replies.

The son then asks for an ID and threatens to call the cops on him, saying , "This is not your apartment."

"This is a secure building," the mother says, to which Martinez responds, "So then how do you think I got in here."

The son then attempts to snatch the phone out of Martinez's hands and a struggle ensues off-camera. Moments later, the son is seen getting up off the ground, yelling "Get the f*ck out of my building."

"What Are You Doing Here?"

The mother then dials 911 as they continue questioning Martinez over his presence in the building. "What are you doing here?," the son asks.

Martinez reiterates that it is none of their concern.

"It is our business. We live here!," the mother exclaims before calling the cops and reporting Martinez, claiming he was "being nasty" towards them when they asked him for identification.

"He's not telling us why he's here," she is heard saying over the phone.

"Tell them the person is black," Martinez says.

"I don't care what color you are," the woman replies, as the son attempts to add that there was a robbery reported nearby.

The mother and son walk away from Martinez, towards the staircase, as the son says he's going to get the apartment security.

"This gentleman is now telling me I'm calling the police because he's black," the woman tells the dispatcher.