Watch: Idaho professor says women should stay out of engineering – they belong at home with kids

Boise State University sure knows how to pick 'em. One of their political-science professors, Scott Yenor, just told an audience at the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando that women should stay out of medicine, engineering, and law — their role is to stay at home to make babies. (Videos below.)

"Our culture is steeped with feminism," he said at the conference in early November. "It teaches young boys and girls that they are motivated by much the same things and want much the same things … Thus girls are told to become as independent as boys are said to be."

And the problem with that? Well, according to the Yenor, independent working women are "more medicated, meddlesome, and quarrelsome than women need to be."

To combat the dangerous threat of independent women, "The future of a great nation needs to be thoroughly sexed [Did I hear that right?] when it comes to family and policy. … Young men must be respectable and responsible to inspire young women to be secure with feminine goals of homemaking and having children.

"Every effort must be made not to recruit women into engineering, but rather to recruit and demand more of men who become engineers. Ditto for med school, and the law, and every trade."

Of course their was backlash — not from Boise State, who stands behind Yenor's "right to free speech" and "academic freedom," according to Idaho Statesman, but from students, politicians, and the general public who have viewed his oppressive comments online.

From Idaho Statesman:

Emily Walton, a current Boise State MBA student and former trustee at the College of Western Idaho, said the most offensive and salient part of his comments were when he said women shouldn't be recruited into law, engineering and medicine. That admission, she said, leaves him and the university open to a potential Title IX complaint.

"He has power. He has power to issue a grade," Walton, co-founder of the Idaho 97 Project, told the Statesman. "It's disgusting. He needs to come into the current century, but it doesn't sound like he will." …

State Sen. Melissa Wintrow, a Boise Democrat and former director of the Boise State Women's Center, said the comments Yenor made were dehumanizing.

"You start to wonder, what is the goal here?" Wintrow said in a phone interview with the Statesman. "If it's to set us back in time and disenfranchise women from as far as we've come, that's a problem." Wintrow said Yenor's comments are based largely in fear that a way of life is being threatened. She also questioned whether his comments have translated into actions or prejudice against women in his classes. "We're not going back to the 1950s," Wintrow said. "I don't know what everybody is so afraid of. Let's drop our weapons. Let people be who they want to be."

Yenor did not respond to the Stateman's request for a comment.

Watch the TikTok highlights of Yenor's incel speech here, or the fuller, second video below: